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Welcome and congratulations on feeling ready to take this next step in your healing process! At The Therapy Gal, we believe in nurturing out authentic selves, and understanding what makes us, well… us.

A Little About The Practice

The Therapy Gal was started by Leeor Gal LMFT, in hopes of destigmatizing and normalizing mental health. Our approach to modern therapy is to include transparency, authenticity, and relatability with each one of our clients.

If you’ve ever seen our social media, @the_therapy_gal or @thetherapygal, you’d know that we are unapologetically human. We believe in showing up as ourselves, rather than a blank slate.

If you feel ready to heal and grow, don’t hesitate to reach out for a consult! with one of our amazing therapists!

Our therapeutic technique

Our therapists work with many different types of individuals, couples and families. If you head over to our services tab, you’ll be able to see what we offer and what feels like the right fit for you! Under the therapist tab, you can read our therapist’s services and specialties and decide which one would be a good fit for you.

We believe that ensuring the safety of our clients is one of the most important ways to create genuine connection, and we will always make that our priority.


All of our therapists are trained in different mental health specialties, and all obtain a Master’s level degree in counseling.

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